Monday, November 15, 2010

Welcome to myAlexLOGIC, your Southern California class room for learning film and video production strategies.

You've reached myAlexLOGIC. The place to sign up for the most unique film and video production strategy classes in all of Southern California. What makes myAlexLOGIC unique is the small student class size of one to three students per class.

Secondly, the classes are short, (yeah!).

Thirdly, no two classes will ever be alike because YOU PICK the topics!

Fourthly, you will be surrounded by literally a hundred different pieces of film and video production equipment. Specific equipment is selected for each class and is used to teach philosophical concepts that can save you time and money, or help strategize how to improve the quality of your production.

Classes will start around January 1st, 2011.

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Hi, to book your class with AlexLOGIC in the West San Fernando Valley, simply email Alex at and mention the class you want to take.

Payment can be made through paypal once you have confirmed with Alex that you want to take a class.