Thursday, November 3, 2011

Betacam SP one on one classes.

My experience with Betacam SP is extenisve. I've edited several hundred videos using both the Sony PVW and the UVW series of Betacam SP video editing decks. If you are looking for a true video tape based archival system or about to layback Betacam SP to either digital video or a hard drive, this betacam sp one on one class is a must. 

If you are planning on uploading your betacam sp library to digital video or onto a hard drive, you MUST take this class otherwise you run the risk of making a mistake over the entire time you are transferring your betacam sp video to hard drive or digital video. Even expert video editors working at well known film and video editing houses in the 90's don't have the knowledge I have because they simply focused on what the betacam sp deck was needed to do. There were also techs there to maintain the equipment.

In my situation, I was responsible for both maintenance and understanding how to maximize the useful of my betacam sp machines. The betacam sp machines were some of the most robust videotape editing machines ever made, and the features they offer can actually make you more aware when it comes to your non-linear editing strategies.

Actual hands on learning will be part of this betacam sp course, along with what not to do that could damage your betacam sp deck.

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