Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Actor's Demo Reel Reviewed by AlexLOGIC.

I have edited several dozen actors demo tapes. Having the actor with me when I edited was very enlightening. Not only did I learn some very interesting tidbits about what the actor experienced during their acting jobs, I was also able to evaluate the scenes the actor liked versus what I felt were their most impactful scenes.

Having your demo reel evaluated by me may help you choose the best scenes for your demo reel. I recommend not only bringing your finished demo reel, but the longer version that features most of your work as well. 

This two hour course should teach you what to look for when you make your next acting demo reel. This is key, actually figuring out which scene is your strongest can be complicated by various factors that are not always obvious.

Because I am both a camera person and editor, I also have a keen eye for technical issues and can point out what scenes I think are your strongest scenes.

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