Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hackers can cause printers to start on fire, really?

According to Time Magazine's Techland, new age printers can be hacked via a computer and set to glow red and burn. The trouble nowadays with hacking, is if a hack really works, it could just be a step away from being taught to those who would never know how to do it themselves.

However, is it the hackers that are the bad guys if the product being sold can be hacked and turned into a potential lethal weapon?  Hopefully manufacturers will respect that there should be a legitimate firewall between their products and hacking.

One of the aspects of MyAlexLOGIC classes that I am proud of is the attention given to what you control and what you don't control. 

What you control, and what you don't control can be incorporated into every day life and is included in virtually any class that you take from MyAlexLOGIC

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Martin Scorsese 3d Family Film Hugo proves that filmmakers who shoot on film make the best digital and 3d digital productions.

What I find so beguiling about all the film hating, digital is "better, faster and cheaper" crowd is that when a FILM MAKER comes along like Martin Scorsese, they celebrate his making a digital 3d film without ever concluding that perhaps the reason Mr. Scorsese can make such a great 3D film on his first try is that he made so many great FILMS, shot on FILM, first.

It's been well over 5 years ago that I pretty much wrote the concept that digital video makers who have also shot on film will usually do a better job on digital video production than those who have not. 

I have also previously stated that filmmakers who have shot on film stand a better chance of making a better video production shot on digital video as well. I think Martin Scorsese supplements my point for me as well.

No matter how good one is at digital "film" making, learning how to make a film, on film, should expand your digital creativity, and your expertise should grow by leaps and bounds as well.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Explaining the Human Microphone used by the Occupy Movement.

The Occupy Movement's "human microphone" has a secret brilliance to it that I have not seen mentioned yet. 

The naysayers who don't believe in the Occupy Movement can point to the human microphone as proof that the Occupy group does not have a mind of its own, that the group simply repeats what the speaker says.

Others can also point out that the group's repetition of the original speakers voice can lead to a form of social brainwashing as the group speak can be labeled a form of catatonia. This is an ironic yet inaccurate interpretation of a social cause that is diametrically opposed to the elite political and financial collusion that certainly does exist nowadays.

The human microphone replaces amplified sound in the event that amplified sound is not allowed. The human microphone also gives the audience a forewarning that something was just said, and if they continue to pay attention they will hear it the second time around.
But there is another, extremely deft reason for the human microphone. The human microphone prevents small group chatter that can drown out the very purpose for meeting as a group in public. I can unequivocally state from all of my experiences as both a headphone wearing camera person and as an attendee to various public events that crowd chatter can render the purpose of any meeting relatively pointless.
I've experienced groups as small as 12 to 15 people become multiple chatter islands that prevent the group as a whole from listening to the head speaker. 

So the next time you view a youtube video of an occupy movement and you hear a group repeat what the speaker just said, you can be pretty sure that the audience is actually listening.

(Update, Nov. 25, 2011, 10:23am)  About a week after I first wrote the above, I found this very fascinating topic about the human microphone on Occupy Los Angeles. Please note that virtually everything I discussed above is mentioned in the article, with the exception of the crowd chatter.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Free Stuff links that I have shared on the internet.

I have written perhaps over 5,000 free comments on the internet that are either researched or from my own production experiences. If you can't afford to take my one on one classes you can always check out my free resources that are spread all over the internet.

The advantage in taking a one on one class is that you help control where the content of the class goes. If I tried to create webisodes passing on various things I have learned, the odds that I would create it in the order you wanted to see it in are miniscule at best.

The one on one classes allow you to have my full attention and our interaction can result in getting a lot of information that directly relates to your production situation. Here are some links to just some of my free internet contributions.

(8) Ebay Guides.

All Experts - Alessandro Machi has answered 101 film and video related questions.

I've also shared thousands of comments on several film and video production forums.  If I can remember where they all are I might add them to this article.  However, I'm not exactly sure that is necessary.

Simply google my name "Alessandro Machi" in quotes and you should find a ton of links to forums and such.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Actor's Demo Reel Reviewed by AlexLOGIC.

I have edited several dozen actors demo tapes. Having the actor with me when I edited was very enlightening. Not only did I learn some very interesting tidbits about what the actor experienced during their acting jobs, I was also able to evaluate the scenes the actor liked versus what I felt were their most impactful scenes.

Having your demo reel evaluated by me may help you choose the best scenes for your demo reel. I recommend not only bringing your finished demo reel, but the longer version that features most of your work as well. 

This two hour course should teach you what to look for when you make your next acting demo reel. This is key, actually figuring out which scene is your strongest can be complicated by various factors that are not always obvious.

Because I am both a camera person and editor, I also have a keen eye for technical issues and can point out what scenes I think are your strongest scenes.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Learn about Twitter.

Did you know you don't need a cell phone to use Twitter? Don't dismiss Twitter until you learn the various ways it can work as a communication tool for you even if you prefer using a conventional phone.

I've never twittered by phone but still have several Twitter accounts that I regularly use.

This one on one class with Alessandro Machi will show you the productive ways you can use twitter to find people with similar interests as yourself. 

This course is of course for those who don't twitter, don't know how to twitter, or don't want to know how to twitter by phone but want to learn how they can still benefit by using twitter on their computer.

Agents Only! How to stay competitive as a Talent Agent.

Talent Agents, don't look the other way as the digital revolution passes you by. If you don't have a devoted friend or family member who knows computers, odds are you have fallen behind the latest revolution of digital media options.

Your lifelong clients can benefit career wise if you learn more about the digital revolution and the ways you can promote their past and future projects.

This one on one class with Alessandro Machi is an excellent way to learn a low cost and even no cost way to promote your clients, even your famous clients, in the Digital Age.

For the serious prosumer and consumer non-linear editor, this class is for you.

My 25 years of video editing experience has taught me basic, extremely functional methods that are essential to successfully editing video projects.

If you are presently non-linear editing or about to enter the world of non-linear editing, the instruction I can share with you before you begin editing can save you a lot of grief and upset later on. 

The advice you receive one on one with Alessandro Machi may involve ideas and concepts that you won't receive anywhere else, but they will be ideas that are easily embraceable and that should reward you with a happier and more efficient non linear editing experience.

Surprising Video Camera Choices for Youtube Videos.

In this one on one course you will witness the quality of various older cameras, both analog and digital, that can produce surprisingly good results as compared to the newer compact internet ready cameras.

Bring your own computer top internet ready camera and we can compare the quality between the various cameras.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

How Anton Battery Chargers and Digital Video Chargers work.

This one on one class gives you hands on experience working with anton bauer batteries and chargers plus how the smaller prosumer and consumer batteries work.

Learn the difference between lead acid batteries, ni-cad batteries, and lithium ion batteries and which battery may be the logical choice for your particular production situation.

Super-8 Special Effects Revealed.

There is no point in never sharing some of the special effects I have learned from shooting in Super-8. Some of the award winning Super-8 special effects that I have created may have never been done before or since.

My super-8 special effects are usually of the long time exposure type.  However, I've also done a lot of time-lapse super-8 and can share my experiences when it comes to determining the ideal time-lapse rate for your particular purpose. 

You will see never before shared super-8 special effects techniques.

Security and Surveillance Videos Analyzed.

My 25 years of award winning editing and camera experience sometimes enable me to sometimes notice things within a video image that others may miss. 

I can analyze a video sequence with you present and see if I notice something about the video that may have previously gone unnoticed.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Transferring VHS, S-VHS, 8mm, Hi-8 and Digital 8 video to DVD, why it's so much more complicated than it seems.

I used to offer analog video to DVD services. I stopped offering the videotape to DVD service when I realized that for 99% of the population, the cost was all that mattered. 

If you are the curious type and wonder what goes into actually optimizing the quality of an amateur home video, you will be blown away by the amount of adjustments that can be made during the process of transferring a home video to either digital videotape or a hard drive, or straight to DVD.

Irrespective of what can be done digitally after a video is uploaded to a hard drive for further processing, the actual step of playing back the video is downplayed, even though the quality of the transfer into the digital realm is just as important as what can be done once in the digital realm.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Panasonic MX-50 one on one Classes.

The Panasonic MX-50 delivered effective video processing capabilities. Learn when using an Panasonic MX-50 may enhance your analog video signal as you upload it to either digital video or your hard-drive.

Re Archiving your Analog Videotape Corporate Library.

There are literally thousands of corporations that have an analog videotape archive library. Many have probably already transferred their library to digital video or hard drive.  

If you are not happy with the quality you received, I can pretty much guarantee that I can show you how to redo your transfer and get a superior result.

If I can't get demonstrate a better result, you can select another class of equal length for free.

Because I like to be helpful, look at the very impressive method that RAI in Italy is using to re-archive their betacam sp video tapes.

The secrets of S-VHS revealed in one on one classes.

S-VHS may be one of the most misunderstood analog formats ever created. JVC led the way with amazing BRS S-VHS machines that literally have close to a dozen adjustment parameters designed to optimize the quality of both S-VHS, VHS and even min-cassette vhs and s-vhs videotapes.

If you are curious just how good your S-VHS or VHS videotapes actually look when played back on a JVC-BRS machine that originally cost over $6,000 dollars when new, then you should take this class. 

If you are planning on laying back VHS or S-VHS videotape to digital videotape or hard drive, you MUST see these machines in action being operated by someone who actually won a regional EMMY mastering an opera to this format.

Please, no copyrighted material will be adjusted unless you actually worked on the production and desire an excerpt for your demo reel.

Betacam SP one on one classes.

My experience with Betacam SP is extenisve. I've edited several hundred videos using both the Sony PVW and the UVW series of Betacam SP video editing decks. If you are looking for a true video tape based archival system or about to layback Betacam SP to either digital video or a hard drive, this betacam sp one on one class is a must. 

If you are planning on uploading your betacam sp library to digital video or onto a hard drive, you MUST take this class otherwise you run the risk of making a mistake over the entire time you are transferring your betacam sp video to hard drive or digital video. Even expert video editors working at well known film and video editing houses in the 90's don't have the knowledge I have because they simply focused on what the betacam sp deck was needed to do. There were also techs there to maintain the equipment.

In my situation, I was responsible for both maintenance and understanding how to maximize the useful of my betacam sp machines. The betacam sp machines were some of the most robust videotape editing machines ever made, and the features they offer can actually make you more aware when it comes to your non-linear editing strategies.

Actual hands on learning will be part of this betacam sp course, along with what not to do that could damage your betacam sp deck.

Digital 8 camcorder one on one classes.

Digital-8 camcorders represented one of the best standard def values in terms of price versus quality. In this class you'll learn which menu selections can improve the quality of your digital-8 image. Plus, you'll learn effective strategies to help ensure your camcorder does not get damaged from normal day to day use.

Have your Youtube Video Technically and Creatively reviewed by MyAlexLOGIC

Have your youtube video critiqued by regional emmy winning Alessandro Machi, either in person or over the internet.

Receive constructive criticism from industry professional Alessandro Machi, who has shot or edited over 500 productions while having to do many productions with extremely small crews.

Alessandro's critique of your youtube video can instantly help you achieve better results for your next youtube video production. You can schedule your one on one video critique with Alex at your convenience.

For those too far away to visit Alex in Southern California, Alex can also critique your youtube videos online, email for pricing.

Credit Card Purchase Strategies.

When and how much to spend on a credit card are explored in this one on one class. Class strongly suggested for parents who are being asked to help out with some video production purchases for their sons and daughters.

What are the hidden costs that can appear out of nowhere once one goes down the path of film, video, and still camera editing and camera production.

How to set up a Blog and begin blogging.

I've created over 20 blogs using google blogspot and can get you started on creating or enhancing your blog as well. This one on one google blogging class first explores your exact reasons for blogging then assists you in getting your blog online. This is a 3 hour class priced at the 2 hour class price. For best results, please bring your own lap top or desktop computer. 

Amazingly, the google blogspot software is free from google, so when you complete the class and feel confident you can add content to your own blog, there are no more charges.

Film Festival Secrets and Evaluation.

Maximize your film and video project's film festival opportunities. Alessandro's film projects have appeared in over 30 film festivals. You can have your project evaluated in a one on one class room setting. 

Whether you are still planning your production, are in production, or have finished, Alessandro can share valuable tips with you to improve your chances of getting accepted into film festivals.

Run and Gun Low Budget Lighting Strategies.

See various run and gun lighting options in operation. Learn which lighting system works best for your needs when your production costs limit the size and scope of your crew.

Understanding Contrast.

Possibly one of the most misunderstood aspects of digital video production, editing, and compression is contrast. This one on one class actually uses real time analog video processing tools (yes, knobs and dials!) to help you understand aspects of contrast that are easily misunderstood in the world of digital video.

Tripod Strategies.

How do the professionals make such perfect pans and tilts? Are all tripods basically the same?  Why is there such a huge difference in cost between similar looking tripods? This class offers hands on tripod experience complete with onboard camera.

Learn why some tripods cost 10 times as much as other tripods that look almost the same.

Basic Sound Mixing class.

Broken down to it's most simplest elements, basic sound mixing helps you avoid making sound mixing mistakes that even some television shows make!

Super-8mm film camera class.

Do you have a super-8 camera and want to learn what it can and cannot do? Bring it in. This one hour class will be devoted to maximizing your use of your own super-8 camera and learning every meaningful function.

Digital Still Pocket Camera Strategies and Techniques.

Digital Still pocket cameras come with many menu options. Learn what overall settings are best for night time versus daytime, indoor versus outdoor, shady versus sunny. This class also covers framing strategies.

Unlocking Analog Video Secrets.

In the 90's analog video editing equipment came with fully functional video and sound capabilities that nowadays are usually hidden within  your non-linear editing software. 

Discover classic analog video editing methods that will put you ahead of those who have never seen professional analog video equipment in action.

What Actors should look for when acting on low budget productions.

Up and coming actors have to constantly strategize if the production they are thinking of working on and/or being considered for will benefit them. 

This two hour course explains what an actor should look for while also  increasing the likelihood that they have picked or been picked for a production that is worthy of their time.

Getting the most out of your video camera.

Many video cameras actually have menu settings that can enhance the quality of your video image. Learn when to make menu adjustments and what overall setting is best for the most situations.

Learn basic video strategies so you don't find yourself overwhelmed on a future video project.

Calibrating your editing room.

Editors who have no analog editing experience are more likely to not understand the concept of video and sound calibration as it relates to non-linear editing. 

This two hour course can enhance your future video non-linear editing projects as you learn the importance of video and sound calibration and how to get into the habit of always checking to make sure your editing studio is calibrated.

How to make better youtube videos.

This two hour one on one class takes you through the various ways you can improve your youtube videos from a technical and creative aspect even if you don't want to spend another dollar buying additional equipment.