Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Free Stuff links that I have shared on the internet.

I have written perhaps over 5,000 free comments on the internet that are either researched or from my own production experiences. If you can't afford to take my one on one classes you can always check out my free resources that are spread all over the internet.

The advantage in taking a one on one class is that you help control where the content of the class goes. If I tried to create webisodes passing on various things I have learned, the odds that I would create it in the order you wanted to see it in are miniscule at best.

The one on one classes allow you to have my full attention and our interaction can result in getting a lot of information that directly relates to your production situation. Here are some links to just some of my free internet contributions.

(8) Ebay Guides.

All Experts - Alessandro Machi has answered 101 film and video related questions.

I've also shared thousands of comments on several film and video production forums.  If I can remember where they all are I might add them to this article.  However, I'm not exactly sure that is necessary.

Simply google my name "Alessandro Machi" in quotes and you should find a ton of links to forums and such.

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