Saturday, November 26, 2011

Martin Scorsese 3d Family Film Hugo proves that filmmakers who shoot on film make the best digital and 3d digital productions.

What I find so beguiling about all the film hating, digital is "better, faster and cheaper" crowd is that when a FILM MAKER comes along like Martin Scorsese, they celebrate his making a digital 3d film without ever concluding that perhaps the reason Mr. Scorsese can make such a great 3D film on his first try is that he made so many great FILMS, shot on FILM, first.

It's been well over 5 years ago that I pretty much wrote the concept that digital video makers who have also shot on film will usually do a better job on digital video production than those who have not. 

I have also previously stated that filmmakers who have shot on film stand a better chance of making a better video production shot on digital video as well. I think Martin Scorsese supplements my point for me as well.

No matter how good one is at digital "film" making, learning how to make a film, on film, should expand your digital creativity, and your expertise should grow by leaps and bounds as well.

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